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Dr. Don Buford recently presented the results of a new multidisciplinary collaboration of physicians interested in a unifying orthobiologic ethics statement. Orthobiologics is a new subspecialty which uses Platelet Rich Plasma (from blood), Stem Cells, and other bio-active products to help the body heal and regenerate tissue, decrease chronic pain, and prevent progression of diseases such as arthritis. The rapid growth of orthobiologics and the lack of regulatory oversight or insurance coverage, have led to ethical concerns over the research, marketing, and clinical use of these medical treatments. ┬áThe Orthobiologics Ethics statement is meant to be a transparent, multidisciplinary “living document” that outlines basic ethical principles in this rapidly growing field. ┬áLike minded doctors, patients, and vendors are free to read the document, add their name to the roster, and make suggestions for improvement on the website.