Free PRP And Stem Cell Seminar Thursday June 22,2017 at the Dallas Office

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Click Here to SIGNUP Don Buford, MD will be presenting another 1 hour free seminar on the two most common orthobiologic treatments, PRP and stem cells.  Come learn how these treatments are being used to decrease arthritis and back pain without the risk of steroids or NSAID medications.  We can also use these in office injections to help the … Read More

Don BufordUncategorized Dr. Don Buford recently presented the results of a new multidisciplinary collaboration of physicians interested in a unifying orthobiologic ethics statement. Orthobiologics is a new subspecialty which uses Platelet Rich Plasma (from blood), Stem Cells, and other bio-active products to help the body heal and regenerate tissue, decrease chronic pain, and prevent progression of diseases such as arthritis. The … Read More

Dallas PRP And Stem Cell Institute Has Free Public Seminars On Stem Cell Use In Orthopedics


The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute was founded by Don Buford, MD.  The Institute specializes in nonsurgical orthobiologics treatments for arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and other orthopedic conditions. The primary treatments are PRP and Stem Cells. The free Thursday evening seminars last 1 hour and Dr. Buford lectures on the latest state of the art applications for using … Read More