Free PRP And Stem Cell Seminar Thursday June 22,2017 at the Dallas Office

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Don Buford, MD will be presenting another 1 hour free seminar on the two most common orthobiologic treatments, PRP and stem cells.  Come learn how these treatments are being used to decrease arthritis and back pain without the risk of steroids or NSAID medications.  We can also use these in office injections to help the body heal or to even prevent surgery for some orthopedic conditions.  Also, learn how to evaluate other websites and clinicians also promoting PRP and stem cell therapy.

Hint:  Any clinician in the USA selling amniotic fluid or umbilical cord blood or placental products as a stem cell injection should be asked to provide the FDA drug approval for that product (there are currently No such drugs approved in the USA!)  Those injections are expensive and do not contain living stem cells…if they did they would be regulated as a drug by the FDA.   Beware the scamsters!